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The results of the Biennial Organizational Meeting Elections are:
Caucus Chair:
Caucus vice-Chair:
provisional scc member:
julie russell-steuart
garret frey
casandra carlson

"Advocating fiercely on disability issues for Iowans by raising awareness, activating on policy, and giving a voice and platform to people with disabilities in the Iowa Democratic party. Open to all Democrats that identify as disabled and their allies."

Did you know that the disability community is the largest minority group, with 1 in 4 Americans having a disability? To improve the lives of all people with disabilities, we must work together and bring in more allies. Eventually all of us will face disability as we age.

Current Officers:

Chair: Julie Russell-Steuart

Vice-Chair: Eric Donat

SCC Provisional Member: Tucker Cassidy



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Twitter: @DisabilityC_IA
Instagram:  @iowadisabilitycaucus. Install the app to follow photos and videos.


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Video of Sit In the caucus organized with Science for Safe Schools


News coverage (some of it)

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