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District SCC Member

SCC Members comprise the governing body of the IDP between State Conventions. They are the “board” of the IDP.


Delegates at the District Convention.


Any registered Iowa Democrat.


Fill out the IDP Convention Nomination Form. Nominees must provide their gender self-identification.


Each district is allocated 4 female and 4 male positions. Per IDP Constitution, non-binary nominees run on the male ballot.


SCC Members are expected to attend all SCC meetings – either in-person or remotely. The SCC meets at least every 3 months. Members are expected to be a representative from their district as well as communicate information back to their district.


For more information, read the IDP Constitution:

What does it do:     



Who elects it:          


Who can run:           


How to run:             



How many:              







If you have already nominated yourself:


If you wish to include a brief bio and/or video that will be displayed prior to voting, please follow these instructions:

To submit a bio: create your bio in .doc, .pdf, or Google Doc and email it to

In the body of your email, you MUST include your name, Congressional District, and County.

To submit a video: email a link to a YouTube page or other accessible page that contains your video to

In the body of your email, you MUST include your name, Congressional District, and County.